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Nola Climate Chronicles

Step into the ever-changing embrace of New Orleans’ climate with our NOLA Climate Chronicles category. Discover the rhythm of the seasons, from the sun-kissed days of summer to the cool, jazz-filled nights of autumn. Stay attuned to weather patterns shaping your visit, ensuring you’re prepared for the occasional rain shower or the comforting warmth of a Southern breeze. Let NOLA Climate Chronicles be your weather almanac, providing insights into the atmospheric symphony that accompanies your New Orleans sojourn.

Exploring December Weather in New Orleans: What to Wear?

When December rolls around, the lively city of New Orleans undergoes a charming transformation. The air is crisp, and the festive spirit is palpable. But as you plan your visit to the Big Easy during this time, the burning question is, “How is the weather in New Orleans in December, and what should I wear?”…

What is going on with Louisianas Gulf coast??

Louisiana is disappearing.   We’ve already lost 2000 square miles of wetlands and were losing what’s left at about 16 square miles a year (a football field every 100 minutes). Louisiana is the most productive coastal estuary in North America south of Alaska. This loss isn’t just an environmental disaster, it’ also an economic disaster….