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Exploring December Weather in New Orleans: What to Wear?

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When December rolls around, the lively city of New Orleans undergoes a charming transformation. The air is crisp, and the festive spirit is palpable. But as you plan your visit to the Big Easy during this time, the burning question is, “How is the weather in New Orleans in December, and what should I wear?” Let’s embark on a journey through the December climate, ensuring you’re not only weather-ready but also style-savvy.

1. Welcome to December in New Orleans

Ah, December – a time when the city wraps itself in a delightful blend of holiday cheer and cultural festivities. But what about the weather? Fear not, as we unravel the climatic nuances that shape this month in New Orleans. Is December a good time to visit New Orleans?

2. Temperature Trends

In December, New Orleans experiences mild temperatures, with daytime highs averaging around 64°F (18°C) and nighttime lows dipping to 48°F (9°C). It’s a sweet spot that allows you to enjoy outdoor activities without shivering in the winter cold.

3. Rainfall and Humidity

While rain is not a constant companion, occasional showers may surprise you. Humidity levels are lower compared to the summer months, but packing an umbrella is a smart move to stay dry during those unexpected drizzles.

4. Dress Code Decoded: Daytime Adventures

For daytime explorations, opt for layers. A light jacket or sweater paired with jeans ensures you’re prepared for the fluctuating temperatures. Don’t forget comfortable walking shoes to navigate the vibrant streets with ease.

5. Chic Evening Attire: Embracing the Night

As the sun sets, New Orleans comes alive with a different energy. Dressing up a bit for evening outings is the norm. A stylish coat or jacket paired with a dress or collared shirt and slacks strikes the perfect balance between casual and sophisticated.

6. Footwear: Fashion Meets Functionality

Considering the city’s diverse terrain, choose footwear that blends fashion and functionality. Comfortable boots or stylish sneakers are ideal for exploring the historic French Quarter or dancing the night away in the city’s renowned jazz clubs.

7. Accessorize Smartly: Hats and Sunglasses

December sun can be deceiving, so don’t forget your sunglasses. A chic hat not only adds flair to your outfit but also provides some sun protection. It’s the perfect accessory to complete your look while strolling along the Mississippi River.

8. Packing Essentials: Practical Tips

Pack versatile clothing that can easily transition from day to night. Mix and match pieces to maximize outfit options while keeping your luggage light. Consider the weather forecast for your stay to pack accordingly.

9. Indoor Activities: Be Weather-Ready

New Orleans offers a plethora of indoor activities, from exploring museums to enjoying live jazz performances. Dress in layers so you can adapt to the varying temperatures indoors while staying comfortable during outdoor ventures.

10. December Events: Dressing for the Occasion

If your visit coincides with festive events like holiday markets or parades, embrace the spirit by incorporating seasonal colors into your attire. A touch of red or green adds a festive flair to your ensemble.

11. Stay Cozy and Stylish: Layering Tips

Layering is the key to staying cozy without compromising style. A stylish scarf or a cozy sweater can make a significant difference in keeping warm during cooler evenings.

12. Local Insights: What New Orleanians Wear

Blend in with the locals by embracing the laid-back yet vibrant style of New Orleanians. Think comfortable yet stylish, with a touch of individuality. Don’t be afraid to incorporate local fashion trends into your wardrobe.

13. Parting Thoughts: Embrace the December Vibes

In conclusion, New Orleans in December offers a delightful mix of weather and festivities. Whether you’re strolling through historic streets or savoring the city’s culinary delights, being weather-conscious ensures you make the most of your visit. Embrace the December vibes, and let the unique charm of New Orleans leave an everlasting impression.


  1. What’s the average temperature in New Orleans in December?
    • The average daytime temperature hovers around 64°F (18°C), while nighttime lows reach 48°F (9°C).
  2. Is rain common in December in New Orleans?
    • While not constant, occasional showers may occur, so it’s wise to pack an umbrella.
  3. How should I dress for daytime activities in December?
    • Opt for layers, including a light jacket or sweater, paired with comfortable jeans and walking shoes.
  4. What’s the recommended evening attire in New Orleans during December?
    • For evenings, a stylish coat or jacket paired with a dress or collared shirt and slacks strikes the perfect balance.
  5. Any tips for packing for a December trip to New Orleans?
    • Pack versatile clothing, considering the fluctuating temperatures, and check the weather forecast for any unexpected surprises.