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Swamp Tour Party - New Orleans Pedal Barge

Party Boat Booze Cruise & New Orleans Swamp Tour

The closest swamp tour to New Orleans, La.
See the Levee, the swamp and have a dance party.

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Why Us for your Swamp Tour or Booze Cruise?

The Closest to French Quarter: We are the closest swamp tour to New Orleans…only 7 miles from the french quarter.  You don’t have to ride in a stinky shuttle van with 20 other people for 50 mins both ways.  Just catch an uber to our location.

The View: You get to see the swamp, the bayou, the city skyline, the green bridge and the LEVY!  One of the modern marvels of the world.

The Boats: The boats are new; sound systems, bathrooms and comfortable seats.  Compare that to the other swamp tour boats you see in our competitors photos. Coast guard certified with motors and captains.

Weather:  Fully covered and clear vinyl surround/ heaters to stay warm during winter.

Cycle Capacity: Cajun Queen & Bayou Boogie= 12 Pedaler seats.

Boat Capacity: From 10 to 26 (Depends on Boat)

Public Tour length: 1 hr 45 Minutes

Private tour length: 1 hr 45 Minutes, Add on hours available

Drinks/Food: BYOB, BYOF. No cake or rice(too messy) Cupcakes are ok.

Where: 6301 Paris Road Chalmette, LA. a 15 minute Uber ride from the quarter. Don’t be late, Uber’s cancel, traffic can be bad, and with public tours, we can’t wait for people. Please be 30 minutes early, we have a great bar / dance floor to wait at!

What do you see and do on this New Orleans Boat Tour? We cruise through the Bayou Bienvenue river. A great place to view wildlife and the city skyline.

New Orleans Bachelor / Bachelorette Party Boat

This Pedal Party Boat is an incredibly unique eco-experience/ booze cruise that caters to bachelor(ette) parties and is also great for birthday parties, team bonding and corporate outings, girls’ night out, and more. There are 12 padded pedal seats that surround a center high-top bar with built-in coolers and 4 padded benches make room for 6 additional passengers on the Bayou Boogie and 10 additional passengers on the Cajun Queen.

Our Captain and First Mate are your hosts on this amazing party boat booze cruise in New Orleans. Know that pedaling can be as easy or difficult as you wish, and we are equipped with a backup motor in case you just want to party without a workout. While some riverboat cruises explore the Mississippi, ours explores the more diverse and beautiful setting of the Bayou Bienvenue.  Do one of the coolest things to do in New Orleans with our pedal party boat bike tour!

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Debra Weite et al. sitting next to a body of water

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