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New Orleans Bachelorette Party Ideas

The ULTIMATE New Orleans Bachelorette Party… Boat

If traditional New Orleans Bachelor Party and New Orleans Bachelorette Party ideas don’t sound appealing, here’s why you should opt for a NOLA Pedal Barge with your best friends instead. Grab the bachelor bros or bride tribe and get ready to pedal your way around the waters of Bayou Bienvenue on this unique cycle boat…

Best Restaurants in New Orleans for 2020

We hit up all our friends in the industry for their favorite places to go when they are off of work.  Here is what they said.  It is hard finding time to make food at home when there are so many options for food in the city with new options popping up daily. New Restaurants…

Nola Party Planning Tip #1

Champagne Fire Drill Is your party is feeling a bit flat footed? Or maybe you want to take it to the next level?  This party tip will make sure to leave your New Orleans bachelorette party with a fun memory, unless you have butterfingers. Champagne showers are waiting… 1st: Purchase enough cheap champagne so everyone…

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