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The ULTIMATE New Orleans Bachelorette Party… Boat

a New Orleans Bachelorette Party Boat

If traditional New Orleans Bachelor Party and New Orleans Bachelorette Party ideas don’t sound appealing, here’s why you should opt for a NOLA Pedal Barge with your best friends instead.

Grab the bachelor bros or bride tribe and get ready to pedal your way around the waters of Bayou Bienvenue on this unique cycle boat that doubles as a bar! Book a private charter for the group, play your own tunes and sip on your favorite drinks (it’s BYOB!) for a fun afternoon or evening Nola bachelor bachelorette party activity.

New Orleans Bachelorette Party Boat

Step aboard the new Bayou Boogie Cycle Boat Booze Cruise, New Orleans first Pedal Boat Bar! We provide you with a captain, deckhand, stereo and cooler so that all you need to bring are drinks, snacks and a fun party playlist.

If you are looking for an amazing city with serious culture and nightlife for your big wedding party, New Orleans should be at the top of your list. This Big Easy is known for it’s amazing food, culture, and parties all hours nightlife.

Whether you realize it or not…everyone’s favorite wedding party activity is drinking while on a boat. It’s an amazing combination. Warm sun, cold beer, glistening water, fresh air… it all leads to good times and lasting memories. Nola Pedal Barge is new and the only boat of its kind in the state of Louisiana. It’s a 35 foot covered pontoon boat with a 12 seater bar down the center with bicycle pedals that move a steamboat style wheel in the back the boat has room to party with 26. It is AMAZING. Don’t worry if you don’t feel like pedaling as the boat is also equipped with a 90 horse motor and manned by an experienced captain and first mate.

New Orleans is one of the few cities in this country that benefits from debauchery. People come here to let loose to celebrate life and death, and we welcome that with open arms and big ass beers. The bars never close, the lights rarely dim, and the music makes even the stiffest soul rise up and do the two-step. Here are my top five must-do activities for your next bachelorette party or bachelor party.

What To Do on your Bachelorette Party


The karaoke culture of New Orleans is alive and well and it should be on your bachelorette party or wedding party… I think it has something to do with the booze consumption dissolving peoples inhibitive shell. There are two main venues I recommend to let your bride’s pipes loose and party with your bachelorettes, The Cats Meow, and Kajuns. The World Famous Cats Meow is located at 701 Bourbon Street, and it’s exactly what you’d expect from a Bourbon Street karaoke joint. For 25 years, beautiful drunks have been belting classics from their limited selection of tunes. It may take an hour to get up there but do not worry…its a bar and you can drink up your courage as you get a free amature show until the wee hours of the morning. Kajuns, on the other hand, is more of a neighborhood establishment located at 2256 St. Claude Avenue…and they are open 24 hours a day. This is a great place to showcase your musical abilities to local drunks half listening and half hunched over a video poker machine. I love this place. They have cheap, strong drinks and a very well rounded collection of sing-along possibilities. There’s nothing like hearing a little Bee-Gees cover from your lawyer friend Nick at 4:30am on a Wednesday during your bachelorette.

Live Music

New Orleans is one of the music capitals of the world down south and isn’t surprising that many women host their bachelorette parties here. The general tempo around town is upbeat and in your face with blaring brass and skidding blues guitars. It seems over-shared but the best place to catch such world class music is on the famous 3 block stretch of Frenchman Street. On any given night you can walk down this strip window shopping for a musical act that suits your fancy. On the weekend, you may have to pay a small cover for entry but most weekdays..the music is free. Most acts start up around 5pm and so starts a steady music train until 2am and sometimes even later on the weekends.


Brunch is New Orleans, like most places, is an excuse to get drunk in the morning. That said, New Orleans serves some brunch staples that are unique to the region. For instance, most places serve eggs benedict…english muffin with ham and an over easy egg.. but at Horn’s restaurant they change it up a bit using cornbread with an egg over-easy topped with fried gulf oysters and cajun hollandaise. AHHHH! Another local brunch delicacy is anything topped with crawfish etouffee… spicy, creamy crawfish soup that goes perfectly over anything..eggs, cornbread, biscuits, even grits. You can find these type of dishes all about town but a few I recommend off the top of my head are Elizabeths, Horns and the Ruby Slipper.  These are all great places for a wedding party too.


For one reason or another, Absinthe has a strong attachment to life in New Orleans going back over 200 years.  This strange rich green liquid is infamous for having hallucinogenic narcotic properties even though I dont think thats true (for the modern product at least)  You can find absinthe cocktails all over the city, but in my opinion, there’s only one place to consume such product…The Old Absinthe House.  Located at the meeting of Bienville and Bourbon Street, this 200 year old building has served the likes of Mark Twain, Oscar Wilde, and Walt Whitman.  While some don’t enjoy the taste of the stuff, even then..the classic preparation of the beverage is something to experience in itself.  Absinthe is served by placing a slatted or serrated flat spoon over the glass. A sugar cube is perched on top of the absinthe spoon, and ice cold water slowly drips onto the cube, dissolving the sugar, and turning the green absinthe a milky white color known as louche, cutting the bitterness of the absinthe.  Go down there and have a traditional drink with some pirate ghosts.  Just don’t get too drunk on your bachelorette party, save some energy for a healthy wellness activity.

If you are not a big alcohol drinker…This list may not be for you, and I apologize.  There are plenty of sober activities for those responsible travelers as well… for starters, a beautiful, scenic wildlife kayak tour through the bayou with New Orleans Kayak Swamp Tours…

Places to stay on your bridal party

Ace Hotel – We’re going to go ahead and say this is the best place to stay for a New Orleans bachelorette party hotel.  With a roof top pool and trendy ass bar, swanky rooms plenty of people there to party and conveniently located, skip looking around book this place. The reviews don’t lie.


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  1. Airbnb – Maybe your group is a bit big for the Ace Hotel, then we recommend booking a full house, preferably in the Magazine District, an upscale neighborhood in New Orleans.

New Orleans restaurant and bars

    1. District Donuts, while beignets are the easy and obvious choice for most bridal,  wedding or bachelorette parties, here is a not so obvious but ohhhhh so impressive breakfast/brunch joint on magazine street. The reviews don’t lie.


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Today’s move. Satsumatcha Creamsicle – Vietnamese style matcha layered over satsuma juice

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Yes,  please deliver into my hungover mouth.


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And then there were 19 Fluffernutters

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Atchafalaya… So many great places to choose from in New Orleans, we just want to highlight a few of our go to favorites for your bachelorettes. The reviews don’t lie.


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If your bachelorettes like to eat Spoonfuls of Dave’s Mayo…

Crawfish or seafood boil.  You wouldn’t be choosing New Orleans for your party if you had squeamish girls in your gang.  So make sure to set some time aside for a boil.  I like a little variety in my boil rather than just all crawdads, but those boils have their place at a party too.


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Kill 2 birds with one stone with the Country Club, a pool, drag brunch and pool side bar.  If you don’t stay at the Ace Hotel and have a pool to frequent, then at least go visit this place.  It can get a bit rowdy here fyi. The reviews don’t lie.


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Capture your groups style and pose with a professional photographer session.  Drop the iphone photos, connect more and spend a dedicated hour on a fun photo shoot at city park, the levy, or on bourbon street.



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New Orleans Street Photography

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Party Favors

Bachelorette Party Invitations from etsy. So many different ways to invite the bridal party, make sure it represents who your bride is.

39 Bachelorette Party Shirts Sayings We Love


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Bachelorette Party shirt ideas and slogans

    1. [Name’s] Last Fling Before the Ring
    2. Bachelorette Support Crew
    3. Team Bride
    4. I Do/I Do Crew
    5. Yes!/That’s What She Said
    6. The Bride/Bride’s Crew
    7. Bride/Squad
    8. Get in Loser, it’s [Name]’s Bachelorette
    9. Bride/Bride Tribe
    10. Bridin’ Dirty/They See Us Rollin’, We’re Celebratin’
    11. She Said Yes, We Said New Orleans!
    12. Conductor of the Hot Mess Express/Hop On [Name]’s Hot Mess Express or Hot Mess Express Before the Dress
    13. About to Raise Hell Before the Bells
    14. Bach Shit Crazy
    15. Buy Me a Shot, I’m Tying the Knot/Buy Her a Shot, She’s Tying the Knot
    16. Pop the Bubbly, I’m Getting a Hubby/Pop the Bubbly, She’s Getting a Hubby
    17. Look Like a Beauty, Drink Like a Beast
    18. [Name] Found Her Hunk, So We’re Getting Crunk
    19. Something Borrowed, Something Blue, We Definitely Party Harder Than You
    20. Future Mrs./Cheers Bitches
    21. I Got the Hubby/We Got the Bubbly
    22. Feyoncé/We Be All Night
    23. He Popped the Question/We’re Poppin’ Bottles
    24. He Put a Ring on My Hand/Put a Drink in My Hand
    25. Drunk in Love/Just Drunk
    26. I’m Getting Married/So We’re Getting Drunk
    27. When I Sip, You Sip, We Sip
    28. Bride’s Brew Crew
    29. It’s My Party and I’ll Wine if I Want to
    30. Champs Drink Champs
    31. Wed, White and Boozed
    32. [Name]’s Last Ride Before She’s the Bride
    33. Boots and Bling, It’s [Name’s] Last Fling
    34. Ropin’ and Ridin’
    35. These Boots Were Made for Walkin’ Down the Aisle
    36. Last Sail Before the Veil
    37. Let’s Get Shipfaced
    38. Tank Me, I’m the Bride to Be/Help Us Tank Her Before She Drops Anchor
    39. Feelin Nauti’

Bachelorette Party Planning Hashtags

Use these hashtags to search for some more ideas for the brides friend fun.

  • #nolabach
  • #nolabachelorette
  • #nolabachbash
  • #nolabacheloretteparty
  • #neworleansbachelorette