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The best self guided walking tour of New Orleans’ French Quarter

The perfect French Quarter self guided walking tour. This tour is meant to be followed in the following order… Simply type the next address into your phone and get to walkin!  Enjoy your adventure!   Old US Mint (400 Esplanade Ave.)  Built in 1835, the Old U.S. Mint is the only building in America to…

Nola Party Planning Tip #1

Champagne Fire Drill Is your party is feeling a bit flat footed? Or maybe you want to take it to the next level?  This party tip will make sure to leave your New Orleans bachelorette party with a fun memory, unless you have butterfingers. Champagne showers are waiting… 1st: Purchase enough cheap champagne so everyone…

What is going on with Louisianas Gulf coast??

Louisiana is disappearing.   We’ve already lost 2000 square miles of wetlands and were losing what’s left at about 16 square miles a year (a football field every 100 minutes). Louisiana is the most productive coastal estuary in North America south of Alaska. This loss isn’t just an environmental disaster, it’ also an economic disaster….

A guide to New Orleans housing styles

5 CLASSIC NEW ORLEANS STYLE HOMES. by Jeffrey Chitek New Orleans is a unique place.  By American standards, it’s one of the oldest settlements in our country’s history.  A lot has happened here. New Orleans has experienced 4 different countries of leadership, slavery, a civil war, rebellion, emigration, and social and political corruption and unrest. …