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Swamp Tour Questions

Swamp tour with alligator sighting

What to Know Before Going on a New Orleans Swamp Tour

Getting out and about and doing something new is always a good thing, and exploring the local area isn’t too bad either. Whether you are a tourist or live in Louisiana, then you should know about the many things that you can find when you go on a New Orleans swamp tour. Here are a few things that you should know before going on a New Orleans swamp tour.

Are Swamp Tours worth it?

Most people say that a swamp tour is a must-do for first-time visitors to New OrleansSwamp tours offer a scenic way to see Louisiana’s wildlife, bayous, and plants.  Guides can point out alligators, turtles, birds, and other wildlife.  Our  tours also offer transportation to and from the city for private groups, or it is a quick 7 mile Uber ride.

Can I go on a Swamp Tour in New Orleans while its Raining?

Our swamp boats are covered and also have vinyl surrounds and heaters in the winter to make sure you stay dry from the rain.  We also have a covered space with tables to hang out at while waiting for your tour.  During the summer, some say that taking a swamp tour in the rain can be fun because it’s not as hot as on a sunny day and you can still see wildlife.

What Should You Wear on a New Orleans Swamp Tour?

Wearing comfortable clothing is the most important thing that you should do before going on a new Orleans swamp tour. We have great music on the boats, so dancing is highly encouraged.  We have multiple groups come dressed matching and it makes for a better energy experience if ya’ll do!  You will be spending a lot of time around the water, and your body will be near the water, so wearing clothes that aren’t too constricting is important as well. Your clothing should also be relatively light, so you don’t have to carry too much of it when you are exploring the swamps. Bring sunglasses and a sunhat if you have one, because even though it is cloudy most of the time, the sun can sometimes come out and it can be really bright even in just cloudy days.   Is there a dress code in New Orleans

What Should You Bring on a New Orleans Swamp Tour?

On your trip to the swamps, you should bring plenty of drinking water or beverages of your choosing as we are allowed to drink on the boats, as well as some snacks to keep yourself occupied while you are boating around looking at all of the sights. Our boats are covered, but it is still a good idea to use some sunscreen before you go, because even if it is cloudy, you will be getting lots of skin exposure and getting sunburned isn’t fun at all. A camera is also super important, because who knows what kind of wildlife or interesting sights that you will see while out on your swamp tour. 

Can I  bring beer on the swamp tour in New Orleans?

Yes, our swamp and bayou tours are bring your own beer or beverage.  The standard tour is 2 hours so please pace yourself with drinking. Also, please be responsible and take an Uber or car pool with a designated driver when you come. We are one of the only New Orleans swamp tours that allow alcohol.  The marina that we depart from also has alcohol for sale; Jello shots, beer, and more.

How Long Should You Expect Your Trip to Be?

Expect your swamp tour to last anywhere from 1.5-2 hrs. Add in the distance to the swamp tour, our swamp tour is only 7 miles from the quarter so it only adds on a little time.  Compare that to other tours that can be as far away as 40 miles, that would add on close to 2 hours of travel. Also keep in mind that traffic can be bad sometimes, so plan ahead and leave plenty of time for delays in getting to your swamp tour.

What Should I Do If I See an Alligator?

Alligators are beautiful creatures! However, they are carnivores by nature and prey on other animals, such as dogs and cats, so keeping your distance from alligators is recommended. Even then, alligators are wild animals at heart and shouldn’t be treated like pets! When visiting alligators, keep in mind where their food source is located and don’t feed them outside of natural boundaries. 

As was mentioned before, alligators are carnivores by nature. They prey on anything that they can fit into their mouths!   We keep plenty distance from alligators because we are on boats. Do not be afraid.

How Much Do You Tip a Swamp Tour Guide?

The amount you tip a swamp tour guide depends on the quality of the tour and the service you receive. A good rule of thumb is to tip 10-20% of the cost of the tour.

How Far is New Orleans from a Swamp Tour?

The distance between New Orleans and swamp tours can vary, some are as far as 40 miles away. Luckily is the closest swamp tour to New Orleans, at only 7 miles away!  The drive is typically around 15 minutes away from the french quarter. Don’t get stuck in a van for over 2 hours on the way to a swamp tour.  Find out more about which swamp tour is the closest to the French quarter with our blog post.

What Time of Day is Best for a swamp tour in New Orleans?

This answer is dependent on the season. Summer= Early morning or late afternoon due to the heat.  Spring/Fall= anytime of day although dawn and dusk provide the best lighting for photography.  Winter= Middle of the day, giving you the most opportunity to see wildlife.  For more information, see our blog post about What time of day is best for a swamp tour in New Orleans, LA.